These tinted envelopes are eye-catching, perfect for sending seasonal greetings, invitations to marketing and corporate events, awards, special occasions. A range of tinted envelopes specially created to answer every requirement: from envelopes suitable for normal daily-mail tasks, to others with particular closing styles to be used for mailing sensitive information, to gusset envelopes convenient for sending small items. The range also comprises envelopes designed to give a nice and tactile experience thanks to the unusual materials utilised (galvanized metals, matte metallics) to others that will not go unnoticed thanks to their original textures and appealing effects. And to support the environment, an Eco-friendly portfolio of both FSC certified and recycled envelopes, available in several shades - ideal for sustainability. A huge offer of tinted envelopes, in an outstanding choice of colours, formats, styles, finish and closure types.

    Purely (758 Products)

    Purely are an extensive range of commercial envelopes that will add a professional touch to all your correspondence. From envelopes suitable for everyday mail communication (Purely Everyday), to tinted envelopes perfect for sending gift cards and vouchers (Purely Creative Colour), this variety of envelopes will cover all your business requirement and much more. Purely Creative Senses, for example, is the ideal choice for sending outstanding invitations: this assortment includes envelopes designed to give a nice and tactile experience thanks to the appealing effects and the textures being utilized (from velvet to translucent material). The Purely Environmental series offers a selection of environmentally friendly envelopes, FSC certified or recycled. And to make your communication visually stunning, Purely Creative Shine, featuring envelopes with amazing shades and effects, such as pearlescent or holographic colours - your mailings will not go unnoticed. The Purely range is available in several sizes and formats, weights, colours, styles and closures, with or without windows.

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