Coated on the front (CF) with a reactive substance, this reacts to the coating (CB) on the top sheet, forming an image. The CF is used as the final/bottom page in business forms and sets.

They come in different colours and grammages, including board weight.

    Reacto CF (33 Products)

    Reacto CF is possibly the best carbonless top sheet in the market, with excellent image replication through the set.

    The grade comes in white, yellow, pink, blue and green. It also has a grammage range of 57,80,90,130 and 173gsm. The 130gsm comes in a white shade only and the 173gsm comes in white and chamois shades only.

    CF is the Bottom sheet of the set with the resin reactive coating. This reacts with the microcapsules on the reverse side of the previous sheet, creating a reaction and image.