Our standard pre-print and laser papers offer a wide choice of quality papers for use across all types of print machines, including Offset Litho, Digital and Laser.

Image Impact Plus (10 Products)

Image Impact Plus: an ultra-smooth, premium multifunctional quality uncoated paper offering a brilliant white surface to deliver excellent colour reproduction for graphics and images. Suitable for laser printers, copiers and digital production presses. Perfect for the offices and for commercial printing jobs. Image Impact Plus uses ColorLok® technology, specifically optimised for inkjet printing: papers awarded with the ColorLok® logo produce the best possible digital prints, featuring more saturated colours, bolder blacks, and faster drying times. The Image Impact Plus paper is environmentally friendly - FSC® and ECF accredited, awarded with the EU Ecolabel - and guaranteed for more than 200 years for archiving purposes. Available in different sizes, thicknesses, grains and quantities, Image Impact Plus is the ideal choice for all your business needs.

Print Speed Laser Jet Sheets (28 Products)

Discover Print Speed Laser Jet the natural choice for high quality laser pre-print, smooth and white.

Color Copy (25 Products)

Color Copy Original is a soft white, superior quality paper developed specifically for modern digital printing applications, trouble-free. The Color Copy Original paper is suitable for both laser and inkjet printers and it has been engineered using ColorLok® technology to achieve the best possible prints: a special additive has been added to the paper to deliver more saturated colours, bolder blacks, and faster drying times. Featuring a wide range of weights, Color Copy Original can be easily used for manuals, company catalogues, brochures, price lists or menu cards: the Color Copy Original paper will always offer an elegant look, a smooth feel, a sharp finish, and unbeatable quality. Color Copy Original is also environmentally friendly: FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified, and carbon neutral - the CO2 produced while making this paper is calculated and the cost is reinvested into carbon-reducing schemes. Color Copy Original paper is available in a choice of sizes and weights, perfect for all your business needs.

Color Copy Style (5 Products)

Color Copy Style: high-quality extra smooth uncoated papers, extremely versatile, designed for use with colour laser printers. White with an elegant ivory fade, Color Copy Style is the ideal choice for sophisticated communications and printouts such as certificates, business cards or Art books. The Color Copy Style paper’s natural creamy white shade ensures true-to-life exceptionally vivid colours and a special surface treatment offers precisely adjusted smoothness for outstanding and elegant results. The Color Copy Style paper is environmentally friendly, FSC® and ECF certified - but as an option it can also be offered C02 (carbon) neutral. Color Copy Silk is a premium paper available in a choice of different sizes, thicknesses and grains.

Image Impact (6 Products)

Image Impact is a premium quality paper which makes your communication impactful: the high whiteness of the paper is perfect to boost the intensity of the colours, making the Image Impact ideal for printing presentations, company reports, photographs and business communications. The paper’s high opacity allow double sided printing (or duplex) with compatible machines: performance and outstanding results are guaranteed for both colour laser and inkjet printers, as well as copiers. Image Impact paper uses ColorLok® technology, specifically optimised for inkjet printing: a stabilizer is added to the paper to get more saturated colours, bolder blacks, faster drying times, and achieve the best possible prints. Image Impact is environmentally friendly, awarded with the EU Ecolabel, FSC® and ECF certified. The Image Impact range is available in a choice of sizes, thicknesses and quantities to cover all your business needs.