Looking for the perfect paper for your design, our Silk & Satin Papers offer a silky, smooth finish to ensure a high-quality look and stunning texture to any project printed digitally. These semi-matt coated papers enhance readability, without compromising print quality.

    Novatech Digital Silk (32 Products)

    Novatech Digital Silk is the impeccable partner when you want to impress your readers with perfect colour reproduction of your message. Its market leading whiteness, smoothness and silk coating produces flawless images and its advanced coating ensures precise and faultless runnability on your HP Indigo and dry-toner machines. The Silk coating low light reflection enhances the image and improves the readability.

    It is available in most digital size and grammage requirements, allowing Novatech Digital to fulfil all you coated digital needs.

    Novatech Digital is both FSC Certified and PEFC certified*. It is also recyclable.
    *subject to availability and on request.

    Color Copy Silk (12 Products)

    This Color Copy Silk is a superior quality paper specifically designed for trouble-free, digital printing applications: developed for colour laser printers only - the Color Copy Silk paper is not suitable for inkjet devices. The matt paper surface offers deeper blacks for high contrast and it is perfect to reproduce photos in vivid colours. The double-sided coating gives this premium paper an elegant satin quality and a sophisticated look and feel, making the Color Copy Silk the optimum paper choice for flyers, report or commercial brochures. The Color Copy Silk paper has been accredited with both FSCĀ® and ECF certifications, and - in an even more environmentally friendly option - this paper can also be available as carbon (C02) neutral. The Color Copy Silk paper is offered in different sizes, weights, and grains.