Gloss papers provide the base for high quality full colour printing on all types of digital printers

    Digigreen Gloss (4 Products)

    Digigreen gloss is a premium high white gloss coated paper, which is 100% green, and designed specifically for digital printing.

    Novatech Digital Gloss (19 Products)

    Novatech Digital Gloss is a high gloss, FSC certified coated paper, that can be used on all digital presses. Using this paper enables perfect colour reproduction of all your documents with high iconographic content.

    Color Copy Glossy (11 Products)

    Color Copy Glossy has a coating specially adapted to colour laser printing with a unique gloss effect. It can be used in digital colour laser printing to produce needle-sharp prints of the very highest standard.

    Silver Digital Gloss (29 Products)

    Silver Digital Logo

    Double-coated, double-coated premium white paper, with a glossy finish, dedicated to digital liquid-color printing on HP Indigo machines. It provides excellent print quality and faithful color reproduction. Gramatura: 100, 130, 300, 350g / m², format 320x460. It is possible to print digital laser, it is recommended to carry out tests.

    Image Digicolor Gloss (9 Products)

    Image Digicolor Gloss is a smooth, bright white, high bulk paper and board range, that has been specially designed for very high-quality
    digital printing on dry toner digital presses. Also available in silk.