Whatever the envelope you are searching for, from mailing to large board backed or special occasion envelopes, our stock range supplies your every need. Antalis invites you to discover a wide range of envelopes, which are available in many formats and colours. Creative, translucent, recycled, corporate, synthetic or secure... Choose the envelope that best suits your printing methods and let Antalis guide you.

Creative Envelopes (263 Products)

Choosing the right envelope is important as this is often the first thing someone will see from your company. Our range of Creative Envelopes make sure your communication will provide a lasting first impression. Take care of your communication and correspondence down to the smallest detail. Make your deliveries stand out with the different colours, transparency, textures and formats of our envelope ranges. Let yourself be guided by Antalis and decide on the formats, colors and materials that you really need. Antalis details the benefits of each of these envelopes and helps you make the best decision, while ensuring that you benefit from the most attractive rates on the market.

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Corporate Envelopes (106 Products)

When you want to make the right impression with your customers, this range of premium quality envelopes provide the ideal solution. Making a good impression on your customers is essential so make sure you choose from our diverse range of corporate envelopes. These high-end envelopes come in numerous designs to fit your specific needs. Let Antalis help you and take advantage of the lowest prices on the market.

Recycled (2 Products)

Premium quality, recycled envelopes in a range of finishes, including textures, metallics, smooth, laid, wove and colours. Everything you need to draw attention to your environmental credentials.

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Tinted Envelopes (758 Products)

These tinted envelopes are eye-catching, perfect for sending seasonal greetings, invitations to marketing and corporate events, awards, special occasions. A range of tinted envelopes specially created to answer every requirement: from envelopes suitable for normal daily-mail tasks, to others with particular closing styles to be used for mailing sensitive information, to gusset envelopes convenient for sending small items. The range also comprises envelopes designed to give a nice and tactile experience thanks to the unusual materials utilised (galvanized metals, matte metallics) to others that will not go unnoticed thanks to their original textures and appealing effects. And to support the environment, an Eco-friendly portfolio of both FSC certified and recycled envelopes, available in several shades - ideal for sustainability. A huge offer of tinted envelopes, in an outstanding choice of colours, formats, styles, finish and closure types.

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Commercial Envelopes (117 Products)

This extensive range of business envelopes, in a wide array of sizes, colours, shapes, styles, closures and weights, is perfect to suit all your mailing and budget requirements. From wallet envelopes, with the opening along the long edge and squarer flaps, to traditional pocket envelopes - with openings along the short edges. Autofill envelopes - specially designed with external seams for trouble-free use with high speed mailing machines. Extremely cost-effective, for high volumes and everyday use, are the Opportunity’s economy envelopes, available in plain format or with windows. The offer includes Board backed envelopes, printed with " PLEASE DO NOT BEND” on the front, ideal to offer additional rigidity and increased protection to your valuable documents. River series envelopes, for general-purpose correspondence, featuring a blue honeycomb opaque interior to ensure confidentiality. To send bulkier items, the range comprehends a selection of strong and flexible gusset envelopes, with expanding side and extra length flaps. And for holding wages, club fees and much more, an assortment of environmentally friendly Manilla envelopes, 100% recycled and PEFC certified.

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