Curious Collection Range and choice

5 universes to enhance your designs.

Curious Collection offers daring, unconventional and cutting
edge papers. Explore the range of textures and colours and
you'll find a powerful combination to add value to printed
marketing communications.
This is a collection of modern colours and finishes to spark
your imagination. Go all the way, liberate your creativity.




 An intense magnetism.

The range offers a wide spectrum of fashion-led colours, all with intense reflective metallics,
thanks to the mineral pigments.


Matching envelopes are available in various sizes.

> 120 - 170 - 240 - 250 - 250 and 300 g/m²


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Transparent bliss for creative games.

Classic clears, shimmering iridescence, sensuous patterns and hues of frosted glass. Ebbing and flowing in a waterfall of colours, the Translucents range satisfies anyone seeking vivid or subtle transparent shades.

Matching envelopes are available in various sizes.

> 90 - 100 - 112 180 and 200 g/m²


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 A new area in creative papers.

Simple to sophisticated print techniques enhance all artworks by playing with touch and visual feelings. A simple varnish evokes a hot foil block, a four-colour print with traditional inks brings up metallics reflections... Playing with contrast has never made more sense.

> 360 g/m²


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 Amazingly matt and vibrant colours.
Ultra-smooth feel.

Skin offers matt colours that are amazingly consistent with an ultra-smooth feel. The very fashionable bold colours heighten the quality of your creations.

Matching envelopes are available in various sizes.

> 135 - 270 and 380 g/m²


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A touch of sensuality

With its peach-like feel, Curious Touch Soft is a unique range which confers a sensual dimension to your communications, provoking astonishment when discovered. It leaves a strong tactile memory.

Matching envelopes are available in various sizes.

> 120 and 300 g/m²

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 Unique Look , Impressive Feel...
Let your hands experience curiosity.

Curious Matter is a new, patented paper that provides a tactile experience like no other: a unique and bewildering feel, like the impossible fusion of sand and silk. Its startling texture and richly matt, ultra-pigmented, homogenous surface are as surprising and revolutionary and will spark anyone's creativity.

> 125 - 135 - 270 and 380 g/m²

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metallics-digital_ice-gold-60x60.jpg metallics-digital_gold-leaf-60x60.jpg metallics-digital_ice-silver-60x60.jpg metallics-digital_gold-60x60.jpg
Ice Gold
Gold Leaf
Ice Silver
Super Gold
metallics-digital_lustre-60x60.jpg skin-digital_white-60x60.jpg translucents-digital_clear-60x60.jpg  
Extra white

Digital printing

• Liquid Toner printing: AWCP Digital, the digital range from Arjowiggins Creative Papers, contains a key selection of Curious Collection Papers, specially primed for liquid toner printing and available in the ready-to-use digital format (46x32 cm)

• Dry Toner printing: Most Curious Collection papers are compatible with most dry toner presses. Many papers are available in the ready-to-use format while other papers may have to be cut before printing.

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