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Our Publishing and Web Division was created over 20 years ago, specifically to meet the needs of Publishers and HSWO printers.

These two sectors share a common need for a wide choice of HSWO products that meet quality and cost requirements. We work hard with our suppliers to ensure that we can always offer this choice.  However, they generally have very different service needs and as such we operate two distinct sales teams.


  •  The HSWO printers are served by dedicated and experienced staff in London and Warrington, each of whom has a considerable level of experience in this market.
  •  Our Publishing team, based in London, uses industry leading software (Paperman) to manage client stocks, provide MI and allow the customer the freedom to buy their own paper without the headache of stock management.


We pride ourselves on strong relationships with our suppliers which means we can offer you consistent supply, enhanced service arrangements and preferential pricing.

We are not owned by a paper manufacturer, but instead are part of Europe’s leading merchant Group so we can offer choice, flexibility and expertise on a wide range of papers.

We use our industry leading software to manage all of our customers stock: 


Product Selection

  •  Title by title analysis of purchase requirements from forecast data
  •  Analysis of titles, budgets and expectations to identify appropriate paper options
  •  Sampling, dummy creation, technical discussion to narrow down appropriate choices


Cost Analysis

  •  Comparison costings based on possible, suitable paper options and creation of “what if” budgets
  •  Price negotiations based on chosen grades and competitive offers
  •  Regular purchase review and market benchmarking


Paper Management

  •  Opening ‘Stock set up’ on management system
  •  Forward orders placed based on Publishers forecasts
  •  Paper deliveries booked onto system
  •  Usage data gathered from Printers
  •  Paper statements provided by title
  •  Over/under usage identified for recharge
  •  Stock balances maintained
  •  Regular stock valuation reporting
  •  Regular independent stock taking
  •  Tailor-made reports provided to assist finance or production


Other Services Available

  •  Papinet invoicing
  •  Option to give clients access to the paper management system
  •  Opportunity to link paper management system with clients finance system
  •  Environmental Auditing, Carbon Footprint, FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody


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