Case Studies


Large retailer
We supported the customer in moving to self-purchase of paper through providing advice, training and product guidance. We worked with their creative and procurement teams to ensure that the grades chosen met both their ambition and their budget.
They chose our Hybrid model, ensuring that they had complete control of the grades they used, whether purchased by the printer for small marketing work or by themselves for brochure and catalogue work.
shutterstock_403847893.jpg Fashion Industry Retailer
The brief was to provide consistency of product across Europe so this customer chose our Indirect Purchase model.
Working with their procurement team we identified the right brand to meet their ambition and budget and put a pricing framework in place across a number of countries.
We agreed a purchase price for the printer and report on compliance, usage and accruals each month, ensuring the customer has the right quality at the right price no matter where in Europe they are printing.
Our creative papers team also work closely with them on packaging and promotional pieces, ensuring that their vision for their brand is realised.
Consistency, innovation, quality and value are all essential in this relationship.
High Street Retailer
We supported the customer in moving to self-purchase and in managing the costs associated with reactive print campaigns.
Regular product reviews and benchmarking mean that they have the flexibility needed for often unbudgeted reactive sales campaigns. Awareness of choice and lead times, allied to careful stock management, cuts the time between finalising the brochure and print, giving them additional opportunity to react to competitors.
shutterstock_302406587.jpg (Online store line style illustration) On-Line Retailer
Print on demand was essential for this smaller retailer. Taking advice on digital print from our experts meant that the customer avoided the need for a large print run and now only produces as a result of an on-line request. This has meant a considerable reduction in paper purchases, distribution and waste.
Large Grocery Business
A key component of their strategy was a customer newsletter.
We helped reduce the cost and meet their creative teams aspirations through sourcing a number of options and trialling. The change in paper weight alone reduced the amount of paper they purchase by over 25%, allied to work on reel widths the overall yield saving was nearly 30%.
Throughout the change process we managed stock levels to a point where there was no stock remaining. The product they chose was also 10% cheaper, freeing up a limited budget for investment in other marketing activities.