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Customer Solutions

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There’s no doubt that buying your own paper is more complicated than leaving it to someone else. Our business is built around our understanding of this and our experience in supporting clients in making this change and gaining the benefits for years to come can help you too.


Not sure what product to buy?

Our experienced Key Account Management team is supported by a professional procurement team who are focussed on ensuring that we offer choice and quality at competitive prices. Our support for you begins with an audit process that includes:

   - Looking at your product and comparing it to a range of similar products, benchmarking in terms of paper choice
   - Discussion about your aspirations on quality and cost
   - Providing dummies and samples
   - Advice on colour management
   - Consider your lead time requirements and work to identify solutions that give you the opportunity to have more decision making time.

As all of our products come from approved European sources and have been fully audited to ensure the highest ethical and environmental standards you can be confident that your brand will not be compromised.


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With a typical production of 7 days or less, Palm Paper offers a
high bulk but smooth printing surface with potential savings on yield.





Concerned about losing flexibility?

Whilst we are based in the UK we can supply and manage stock in mainland Europe and Asia. If you choose product from our stock ranges we can supply you next day in 24 countries across 4 continents using our own logistics fleet. If you print across a number of platforms we can supply material for any printing method and support you in exploring new printing technologies.

Concerned that your team will have additional work?

We believe that we will help you improve efficiency and control. Our experienced Paper Management team will;
   - Manage your stock to agreed levels
   - Provide stock valuation reports and undertake stock checking
   - Provide you with forecast data
   - Monitor printer usage and printer compliance to your purchase agreement
   - Produce clear guides for your printers
   - Provide you with tailored management information and reporting tools
   - Give you regular market updates
   - Provide data for your environmental audits

Concerned that you might not be getting the best deal?

Antalis UK has a turnover of £556m, buying 550,000t of paper and packaging. Our purchasing power ensures that we have competitive deals but you still need to be confident that this is translating to your cost. When you don’t purchase your own paper you may not get clear information on how the quantity is calculated. We will help you to understand the process and calculate your requirements for you.

The audit process analyses not just your quality and budget requirements but what you actually need to buy, putting you in control. Where a client’s needs are complex and the audit needs to be independent we offer a third party specialist in this area who can work under NDA to develop a clear model of paper needs.

Choosing the right product, buying the right quantity, paying the right price and getting the right support comes from choosing the right supplier.

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