Why buy the whole pack when you only need a few sheets? Five Creative Papers ranges now available as split packs.

    Keaykolour Split Packs (20 Products)

    The range of Keaykolour premium coloured papers and boards is now available in Split Pack quantities, allowing you to purchase just the right number of sheets
    - from 25 upwards

    Pop'Set Virgin Pulp Split Packs (90 Products)

    Discover the new Pop’Set papers designed to banish greyness and bring your communications to life. The entire range now contains 30% post-consumer waste and a spectrum of modern colours awaits you.

    Curious Collection Split Packs (160 Products)

    This collection of innovative, surprising, inspiring and ‘multi-sensorial’ papers can now be purchased from 25 sheets upwards, giving you even more reason to use them for your creative marketing campaigns

    AWCP Digital Range Split Packs (0 Products)

    Many of the unique papers available within our Creative Papers portfolio are available in digital format. With no shelf life issue and no yellowing, this range offers a choice of colours, finishes and grammages to make all your digital communications stand out.

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