Premium textile backed Digital Print Wallcovering. Easy to apply and easy to remove

Coala Art Heavy Textile (0 Products)

280gsm heavyweight Polyester textile frontlit banner.

Coala Backlit Textile (0 Products)

145gsm Polyester textile for tensioned backlit displays.

Coala Display Textile (0 Products)

Polyester roller display textile with a grey opaque backing.

Coala Textile Backlit City (0 Products)

Coala Textile Backlit City is a 100% polyester that has been bath coated and then coated again on one side with resin, which allows to print UV, solvent and latex inks. Whiter and of higher quality, its very tight structure makes it ideal for backlit or frontlit graphics as well as indoor and short-term outdoor applications. It produces flawless high quality images when rear-illuminated.

Coala Silky Wallcover Textile (3 Products)

Coala Silky Wallcover Textile 170g is a Pvc-free woven self-adhesive fabric with a semi-opaque blockout layer. The specially designed adhesive makes it possible to reposition and remove your graphic without leaving a residue or damaging the surface it is applied on. Existing graphics are partially obscured due to the semi-opaque blockout layer, since this product has a B1 fire rating it is an ideal solution for interior decoration.