Laminates designed to offer additional durability and protection for wall & floor applications

    Drytac Interlam Pro Emerytex UV (6 Products)

    100 micron matt pebble monomeric PVC film with a pressure sensitive aqueous acrylic adhesive, which offers UV protection for indoor and outdoor graphics, whilst providing a robust textured anti-slip suface

    Drytac Scuffguard (3 Products)

    150mic textured hard scuff resistant matte finish, monomeric calendared PVC protective over-laminating film. Warrantied for floorgraphics with an R10 anti slip rating.

    Drytac Weathershield Emerytex UV (1 Products)

    100 micron matt pebble textured polymeric PVC laminate, with a solvent acrylic cross-linking adhesive. Pebble textured finish offers scuff resistance, making it suitable for high traffic environments.