Our extensive range of synthetic boards for internal and external applications.

    Synthetic Foam (78 Products)

    A complete range of Foam rigid PVC's in a variety of densities suitable for interior and exterior applications

    Foam Board (44 Products)

    Foam centred display boards offer a lightweight foam-core signage solution. Most commonly used for hanging signs, this product group is also ideal for both direct printing and mounting prints.

    PP Multiwall Fluted (21 Products)

    Our range of Fluted Polypropylene a lightweight strong and rigid media for signage and POS applications

    Sub-families & Products

    ACM (21 Products)

    Aluminium composite is a lightweight product used for interior and exterior signage and hoarding applications. Consisting of a lightweight polyethylene core faced with two thin sheets of aluminium and then stove enamelled, it has a printable surface which can be white or of differing colours/finishes